Mar 26

Prepper meetup groups in Florida


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  1. Darin

    Southwest Florida preppers group is filled with several experts in many areas please make time to join us if you can.

  2. kenny

    i’m moving to the leesburg area in late august. I will have tom re-start prepper stuff intotally new enviroment. I could use suggestons on local stuff.

  3. Sandra

    Central Florida Preppers Meetups are going well. We have 45 members and growing daily. Would love to have any and all interested people come and participate. Next meeting will be in Lecanto on July 28. For more information please visit http://www.meetup.com/InvernessPreppers/

    This is an official APN sanctioned group.

  4. Ani

    I live in Crestview, Florida and am looking for a group in this area. Is there a group0 in this area? It is too long of a drive to come the the other Meet ups. Someone, please let me know?? Thank you!

    1. dan1238

      This message hopefuly gets to you lookin to meet like mined people in this area to swap ideas and info talk to ya later Dan in graceville

  5. Mike in Lynn Haven

    I am in Panama City and would like to network with like minded folks to exchange ideas and get together for training.

  6. Julio

    Hey let me know if their any group near me iam close to jax beah


  7. BUD382

    Im a 50yr old Single man who was Gave his 2 Grandchildren to raise ,I also takecare of a 90yr old Lady and I have Extensive Training in Evassive Tactics(I dont want NO-ONE to know Im where I am or where Ive been or where Im Going).I live in a some what Rural area,10miles to town-7-8 permenant neighbors.If Crap Hits The Fan I dont even want to be Here!!! I have a Dehydrator and Foodsaver and Smoker,Ive been putting away Supplys Including Milk(powdered and UHT)and other High end Powdered Foods plus Dried meat,Vegetables,Fruit,Water and water stabilization and purification products. Away frm People I cannot Trust is where I will go(wilderness,preferrably edge of Lake Okkeechobee or edge of Everglades) for the Purpose of Food and high yeilding plant growth(gardening).I would not Leave that area even to Scout for atleast 6-8months.The Cities will be over ran with Crime,Pilfering ,Gangs and Looters,not to Mention People who were not Prepared and are Clueless.Hell I already make my own Beer,Wine and Heavy Liquor,and Grow Tabbacco,and have alot in Reserve.I own some of the Smallest Cal. guns and some of the Biggest,I wont use them unless Absolutly Nessicary,dont want the Noise,Report or Attention. I say its being Self Sufficient and Concealment that will save you.If you cant reach me here Im also at RCELSR@gmail (clearly mark your email so I dont think its TRASH) Hope to hear back from Folks and yes I will Trade my knowledge.Im ex-Military ,BUDS traing and Master Diver.

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