Feb 16

What do Preppers and Rainbow Family Members Have in Common?

The Rainbow Family may seem unorganized at first glance, they are not.

They are the Rainbow Family of the Living Light, an assortment of aging hippies, teen wanderers and free spirits who have camped at the federal forest annually for more than 30 years to create their own haven for peace, love and harmony. From 1,000 to 5,000 people may show up at this year’s gathering, which lasts for a month and peaks in mid-February.

Some members follow the family from camp site to camp site across the nation.  Many of them barter for items or food within the group members.  They are misunderstood. 

“People think we’re just here being drunk drug addicts, but that’s not what it’s about,” said one man who wore a rainbow-colored crocheted beret over his ginger-colored Afro. “People are just hanging out, interacting with each other, enjoying each other and not putting up false masks. We don’t have to wear false masks here, like in the real world.”

The Rainbow Family, which is supposed to be based on love and light, still suffers from crime and violence just like any other civilization where people congregate.

Like preppers, they are willing to barter.  They plan in advance.  They are prepared for the event(s).  They can live for weeks or more at a time in the wilderness.  They don’t mind roughing it.  They are misunderstood.  But, that’s pretty much where the similarities end.  Preppers are prepared to defend their families and themselves with force if necessary.  Preppers will be selective about which preps to share and with whom.

The point is that no matter which type of society you live in, there will always be issues about behavior of other people.  Unlike the Rainbow Family, preppers can’t allow just anyone inside their gates.  The Rainbow Family simply rely on law enforcement to remove unsavory people who cause trouble.  Preppers won’t have that ability when TSHTF.


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  1. Mike

    The only problems with this group of aging hippies is most of them are the reason have preppers and the like. Remember many of the hippies from the 60’s are the people running our government, schools, law enforcement, etc, etc. How could anyone trust a group of people who have always been concerned with themselves first and nobody second. I would rather take my military training and take my family to a safe place to ride out the storm that is coming a town near all of us.

  2. Lance Fairchok


    I don’t know if you are naive, stupid or a druggie. Drugs, prostitution, and crime follow the “rainbow people” where ever they go. I have a good friend whose 16 year old son and some of his buddies decided to visit the rainbow people. The young man died of an overdose while enjoying their counter culture love fest. The terrible pain his family endures affects our entire community.

    All cultures have evil indeed, only some have a great deal more evil than others, and some do not need to exist at all. When evil wears a happy face and whispers sweet lies, it is perhaps the most evil of all.

    Preppers and Rainbow Family Members Have Nothing in Common. In fact in the final analysis, I would tempted shoot most of them if they invaded my community during a crisis.

    They are NOT good people.

  3. Joshua Livengood

    You are right, those people represent some of the worst elements of society, not just in Florida, but around the world. They call themselves pretty names, but they are not much more than a roaming band of criminals. I wasn’t in the least bit fooled by the media and I said so in my comments about violence, unsavory people and the need for law enforcement.

    Be assured, this type of self-reliant people are not the very same as those people who say they will do what ever they have to do to provide for the needs of their family if TSHF. The difference between Rainbow people and those who “will provide” is that the Rainbow people would rather take what they can now and not work. The “will provide” people will usually follow the laws and social norms until circumstances change. Almost all preppers have a line they won’t cross. It’s not so sure that Rainbow people are afraid of crossing any lines. You would be right to defend you and your family should they show up.

    It makes one wonder why local and state law enforcement allows them to continue to gather there instead of doing everything in their power to be rid of them by walking through the public areas with their drug dogs. Perhaps even the police are afraid of them? It might take an army of police officers to squelch the violence that might erupt if they attempted to arrest those with illegal drugs and stolen merchandise.

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